What Is CTDO Next?
This exclusive group gathers the world's top Talent Development executives who are shaping the future of the profession. The CTDO Next network is an exclusive membership for executive-level learning leaders with impactful organizational benefits.
Resources for You

The CTDO Next Talent Development Skills-Based Maturity Model

Skills-based talent development is particularly important in today’s fast-paced business environment, where technological advancements, changing industry trends, and evolving job requirements demand a more agile and adaptable workforce.

The Responsibility of TD Professionals in the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence

As it evolves, artificial intelligence will touch all aspects of how people interact, work, and live. Download this free position paper to see the role of talent development leaders in ensuring artificial intelligence is used ethically within organizations.

CTDO Next 2022 Annual Report

In its first annual report, ATD’s consortium of top talent development leaders share major highlights from 2022.



CTDO Next is a unique opportunity for me to expose myself to important topics of the future. Together with a diverse group of outstanding professionals, I can contribute to shape the future of talent development and prepare for the discussion we need to have in our company. The openness and trust is special and we have built the solid foundation we need to address the challenges ahead.
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