How Talent Development Drives Organization Innovation
Case Studies from CTDO Next

Talent development should be a driver of innovation in organizations.

It is difficult for today’s talent development leaders to find the time to reimagine tomorrow. With competing demands as a business partner, change agent, guardian of organizational culture, and overseer of the learning function, even the best-intentioned leader requires accountability and support to think beyond the responsibilities of now.

Download this series of case studies spotlighting how two TD leaders and their teams have filled the role of innovator, with practical insights for application:

  • Discover how Hilti Group builds emotional connections between the company and its employees to enable and enhance innovation.
  • Walk through the APEX program with Choice Hotels to learn how to produce innovation

These real-life examples come from two members of the CTDO Next consortium of top TD executives shaping the future of the profession. Fill out the form to get your copy of these case studies on How Talent Development Drives Organization Innovation.